Private greenery willalso benefit from state incentivesin 2019 . The tax bonus for 2019 is 36% on 5 thousand euro, it is not calculated on the person of the taxpayer but on the property. So a person with two houses will be able to take advantage twice of the bonus for a total of 10 thousand euro and then a deduction of 3,600 euro between the two properties. The deduction is divided into 10 annual installments. This involves, in particular, terraces, balconies and private and condominium gardens. But also hanging gardens and roofs, planting of plants and shrubs. The bonus also covers the design and maintenance costs related to performance of the work, for example, people who have a house with a garden where large-scale pruning is done, or have a sick hedge to replace with a healthy one, or even an irrigation system to be installed or replaced. In short, these are the things you can deduct:

  • planting of plants and shrubs in gardens or terraces
  • hanging green installations
  • lawn refurbishment
  • pruning
  • landscaping
  • fences
  • irrigation systems
  • wells

โ€œThe spread of parks and gardens in cities capable of capturing dust and reducing the level of pollution. An adult plant is capable of capturing 100 to 250 grams of fine dust from the air, one hectare of plants eliminates about 20 kilos of dust and smog in a year. Urban greenery in Italy, however, represents just 2.7% of the territory of the provincial capitals (over 567 million square meters) based on the latest Istat survey. The situation is more difficult in metropolises with green spaces ranging from just 15.9 square meters of urban greenery per inhabitant in Rome to 17.2 in Milan and 21 in Turin. The tax incentive is used at last to recognize the benefits that derive for the community from care and from private investment in greenery”. If the article seemed interesting to you see also:

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The expenses in question must be incurred by 31 December 2019: it is therefore convenient to carry them out in the shortest possible time, so as not to miss a chance like this.