The characteristics of Biodesign natural pools are:

  • Reduced maintenance costs In winter, the biodesign natural swimming pool takes on the appearance of a lake and then returns to being a swimming pool when you decide to reuse it.
  • Zero environmental impact, environmentally friendly
  • The appearance is very natural and therefore does not create any environmental disfigurement, it fits perfectly in any garden as you can choose different shapes and sizes.
  • The construction technique of this type of biodesign natural pool is perfectly certified, without reinforced concrete or environmental pollution. This makes it much easier to obtain permits and there is no risk of tax increases on the property of which it increases the value.
  • Reduced construction time and costs compared to traditional swimming pools.
  • Wellness and relaxation Seating, beaches, hydromassage area, swimming area, it’s practically like having a SPA in the garden.

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