set divano da giardino
Garden furniture-Outdoor living

Gray lounge set

Armchairs, sofa and coffee table
Natural light

Garden lantern

Constructed of lead to withstand the elements
Vintage Style

French vase

Suitable for large trees and plants
the space in the company devoted to art and garden furniture.

Our showroom

The space in the company devoted to art and outdoor furniture
A disc of light


The effect is that of a small disc of light suspended in the air
Intense light

Cuspis LED

Product with exceptional design and finish
Innovative Applique


Wall light with a magnificent lighting effect on the wall
Edges and paths


Ideal for contouring paths and illuminating borders
farfalla;Natale 2018; Civitanova Marche
Original light decorations

Luminous butterfly

Luminous butterfly for outdoors/indoors for your party or Christmas tree
Original Christmas

Parkour characters

Original Christmas. 12 characters that simulate the movements of Parkour
Pac man

Bright ghost

From the fun video game an original idea for Christmas