The Biodesign natural excavated swimming pool has a series of exclusive features:

from the beaches with a shoreline where you can relax,

sunbathe and let your children play in absolute safety, to the possibility of equipping the Biodesign swimming pool with seats,

sun loungers and even an aerotherapeutic massage system, not forgetting the swimming areas.

The heart of the innovative Biodesign project is its internationally patented construction process.

Biodesign technology represents one of those examples of excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ in the world.

Biodesign allows very fast installation times, a single interlocutor and above all a very low construction impact.

QUICK and cheap!

It starts with the excavation of the ground, then the pool is modeled directly on the spot, based on a project already previously prepared by our landscape design studio, then the installations and various layers of materials are completed in a short time.

Here are the pictures of the 5 steps to create a natural Biodesign swimming pool.

For more information go to: Why choose this type of swimming pool

stages of construction of a Biodesign natural swimming pool created by Pellegrini Giardini