A honeycomb grid, resistant to the stress caused by the passage of cars that does not hinder the growth of the turf. The ideal product for all areas where we want to have a driveway lawn.

Some phases of the construction of a driveway lawn

Some of the most important features.

  • Material (polythene) recycled, UV stabilized.
  • cellular honeycomb structure.
  • cells with openings at the bottom and sides so that the roots can grow freely and for the exchange of air, water and nutrients both vertically and horizontally.
  • open structure on the sides of each panel for the perfect installation of the next module avoiding height offsets between the panels.
  • panels equipped with expansion joints that guarantee excellent resistance to mechanical stress.
  • anti-slip.
  • equipped with pegs for anchoring to the ground.
  • maximum stability with minimum thickness.
  • high resistance to environmental aggression.