The concept of the vertical garden arises from observing the ability, in nature, of different species of plants and shrubs to take root on supports different from common soil, such as: rocks, trunks and walls as long as they are damp. The patented system used by us in the construction of vertical gardens is the result of years of research, development and continuous improvement to which is necessarily associated the botanical knowledge of the plants used, another fundamental ingredient for having a fantastic green wall.

The construction stages

The system consists of a real metal skeleton applied to the wall to be planted and on which we hang a sort of high-tech mattress obtained by the coupling of advanced materials that retain water and allow excellent rooting on the same of the roots of the seedlings. The mattress also contains the irrigation system with a special micro-hole pipe and pockets where long lasting fertilizer capsuleswill be inserted. Total automation, maximum ease of maintenance with very little intervention required. With this system it is possible to create any kind of project, even indoors. The architectural possibilities are truly endless!

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