Naturalistic engineering works for soil protection, centuries of rural tradition now reinterpreted in a more technological key. For some years now cement has been replaced -where possible- with wood, a material which, if it comes from certified cultivations, does not cause environmental damage, is better and easier to use in the garden and is naturally more beautiful to look at. Containment palisades, are structures made with wooden poles and half poles placed horizontally that we use to terrace land or to support plant substrate taken upwards. Within certain structural limits this technique has proven itself over the years to be:

  • reliable,
  • cheap,
  • perfectly respectful of the environment.

The only prescription is that the work must be impeccably done. This means using top-quality materials, such as wood impregnated in an autoclave and further protected with a waterproofing coating spread over it with a brush. Other layers of protection are applied before the installation of a three-dimensional drainage geocomposite layer in addition to loose gravel and geotextile that complete, with the bottom drainage, the whole package.

Example of before and after of a palisade designed to contain the slope in a private garden


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