Pellegrini Giardini is a group of companies whose history began back in 1966 thanks to the determination of its founder, Renato Pellegrini, who is still its President. Today his children Andrea, Sabina and grandson Leonardo, run the company with passion and determination. For four generations the Pellegrini family has been taking care of the most beautiful homes in the world to create refined, welcoming, and unique gardens and habitats.

Andrea Pellegrini, Sabina Pellegrini, Leonardo Pellegrini, Renato Pellegrini,
The Pellegrini family from left to right:: Andrea, Sabina, Renato and Leonardo.

Make sure that the owners and their guests are happy to enjoy moments of tranquility, in harmony with a colorful, fragrant, welcoming natural environment. This is our mission.

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Team Pellegrini Giardini

In a few minutes Andrea Pellegrini tells you our story:

Sede Pellegrini