Landscaping for 53 years and 4 generations.

The design that sets us apart is inspired by nature. The ultimate goal is to implement the idea, the client's dream.

Why choose Pellegrini Giardini

  • We create unique gardens. The project is created in a personal and exclusive tailor made manner, customised for each client.
  • We are distinguished by in-depth botanical knowledge, not improvised but the result of studies and a lot of experience.
  • We are constantly looking for new garden design techniques (vertical gardens, Biodesign natural pools), new garden furniture, Italian design with exclusive and high quality materials(showroom), new inspirations from all over the world for garden design and resistant, fragrant, beautiful and long flowering plants(nursery).
  • We design in 3D, you can wander through your own garden even before making it. We quickly intervene with a first inspection and then create a complete project, in our in-house studio of Architectural Landscaping Design.
  • We have very good on-site experience. We personally supervise the work from the inspection, to the design, to the construction and maintenance. Our team is made up of personnel highly specialized in the use of work equipment, in the knowledge of the plants and trees and in plumbing, electrical and sound systems.
  • We select plants already large in size, for an instant garden (nursery), resistant, long-flowering and particularly beautiful, ensuring the maintenance of results over time.
  • We take care of every detail. Structures, furniture, swimming pools, technical systems, lighting, sound systems, all designed, created and monitored by our technicians and landscapers.
  • We take care of the garden over the years, with a company that specializes exclusively in the maintenance of green areas Agripe
  • Creativity, reliability, professionalism, excellent skills are the characteristics that set us apart!

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