Maintenance of the garden is taking care of a precious asset and a delicate ecosystem, this is our first concern.

Work carried out with the greatest attention can be quickly and inexorably compromised by garden maintenance that is not up to standard, improvised, technically incorrect. Our team, made up of highly specialized personnel, puts its professionalism and green culture “in the field” so that you can enjoy the pleasure of your perfectly-tended and healthy garden at any time of the year.

Attention to every detail, from the perfect shade of green of the lawn to the vegetation protected from attacks by pests and diseases, is the result of physical work and scientific method: Agripe is the name of the group of professionals to whom you can entrust your garden, a Pellegrini Giardini company, created in 1983 by Renato Pellegrini, now CEO, with the aim of having an autonomous and independent company specialized only and exclusively in green maintenance. The current partners are Andrea Giosuè, Stefano Di Chiara and Sauro Nasini.

We use mainly organic and natural products, other synthetic substances only if strictly necessary.

We work in total safety and in full compliance with the regulations in force and the rules of arboriculture guaranteeing a low environmental impact.


  • Cutting, fertilizing, lawn treatments
  • Regeneration and aeration of lawns
  • Fertilization of trees and shrubs
  • Pruning at any height
  • Transport of prunings and branches
  • Selective weeding
  • Control of irrigation systems
  • Christmas tree arrangement


  • Truck with pruning loader.
  • 35-meter aerial platform.
  • 22-meter aerial platform.
  • Latest generation equipment also battery operated

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You want to have a nice garden all year round and not worry about anything!
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