Design and landscaping of gardens.

How is a garden designed and created?
The design and landscaping of gardens is carried out following very precise steps:

  •  INSPECTION – The most beautiful gardens are born from the careful analysis of a series of elements: the shape and size of the space to be designed, orientation, views (optical telescopes) to be emphasized as opposed to unwanted ones, the type of soil, climatic conditions. To these are added the search for perfect integration with the surrounding environment with a careful study of native species, materials and architecture typical of the area.
    The most important thing for us is to be able to understand the personality, style and desires of those who enjoy this garden. Materially the first step is to make a complete survey and a snapshot of the current situation of the site, as well as to discuss all the emotional aspects and architectural perspectives in one or more meetings with the client
  • INTRODUCTORY PROJECTRepresents the first implementation of a design idea, resulting from the detailed analysis of the elements that make up the previous inspection.
    The preliminary project is the basis from which all the technical/stylistic details will be studied in depth and on which a suggestion of the budget destined for the creation can already be made.
    From the most significant points of view, virtual images will be developed that will give an idea of the final result to be obtained, leading clients into an almost real dimension of their garden.
    Two-dimensional plans complete this stage; these serve to understand the layout and function of the spaces, and in general the style of the project.
  •  FINAL PROJECT After agreeing with the client the general style of the project, in this stage we go into detail discussing all the technical and stylistic details presented by our Pellegrini Landscaping & Architectural Designing Office.
    Choice of species and materials, presentation of the graphic designs of the architectural structures, sections and elevations. Design of the irrigation system and selection of the furniture that will complete the project. Video presentation made with special 'Real 3D garden design' technology, an exclusive of Pellegrini Giardini, which will allow the client to take a virtual walk around the future garden, with a truly impressive realistic effect.

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  •  CREATION is the stage in which the garden is created by our team of expert artisans, technicians and collaborators who, under our guidance, implement the project. With a wide range of vehicles and equipment, the site will be completed in a short time in all its parts.

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  •  TECHNICAL LIGHTING PROJECT Before completing the scenography of the garden, we design the lighting, with our lighting systems, to make the garden usable also at night, and to emphasize particularly beautiful and interesting areas.

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  • MAINTENANCE after all this, we remind everyone of one very important thing, the work done with the greatest attention can be quickly and inexorably compromised by garden maintenance not up to standard, improvised, technically incorrect, so our AGRIPE team, made up of highly specialized personnel, will take care of keeping your green space beautiful and healthy over time.

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