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We design and create unique and exciting gardens

Designing Gardens creating emotions

Creating unique and refined environments where you can live in harmony with nature: this is our mission.

For four generations Pellegrini Giardini has been taking care of the most beautiful homes in the world with the aim of creating welcoming and refined environments for those who live there. We are responsible for the design, landscaping and maintenance of exclusive gardens, vertical gardens, hanging gardens and terraces, including all plumbing, electrical and sound systems. We have always chosen to create a direct relationship with the customer, the first contact and the inspection will be carried out only and exclusively by us. Come and meet us

Our creations

A fantastic summer in the seaside villa

Diary of a holiday in our friends' house by the sea
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A fantastic summer

2016 was a great summer. We spent the month of August at the home of family friends who hosted us in their cottage a stone’s throw from the sea. The house ... continue reading

natale 2021 pellegrini giardini
Preserviamo la natura!

Natale 2021 Pellegrini Giardini

Babbo Natale è atterrato in città!Attratto da fiori giganti in un coloratissimo prato, si è fermato ad ammirarli e a…
biodesign natural swimming pools
Biodesign swimming pools

Why choose the Biodesign natural pool

biodesign natural swimming pool Why choose a Biodesign natural pool?Reduced maintenance costs In winter it takes on the appearance of a…