Stabilized gravel garden paths and drives are economical, simple, quick to create, environmentally friendly and aesthetically very beautiful and natural.

We use high quality 100% recyclable polypropylene modules with washed gravel of different colors. The advantages?

  • It creates a 100% draining path
  • It is an economical path that keeps its color unchanged over time
  • Suitable for all uses, pedestrians, light and heavy traffic, motorcycles, bicycles and wheelchairs for the disabled
  • The geotextile slows the growth of weeds and retains the Granules or Pebbles
  • It is easily cut and suited to all environments
  • It is not sensitive to frost and salt
  • The sheets can be laid on surfaces with a slope of up to 17% without the need for anchoring
  • The structure prevents the formation of footprints and furrows due to the passage of vehicles
Examples of creations