Walter Kopp
Walter Kopp

Born in Munich in 1941, today he lives and works in Italy, in the Marche region.

Walter Kopp was born in Munich in 1941. He went to school in a small town called Tutzing am Starnberg See. He continued his studies in Munich, where he worked for many years. He currently lives, writes and creates his sculptures in Le Marche, Italy and in Woerthsee, Bavaria. He has exhibited his masterpieces in several exhibitions throughout Germany. Many of his masterpieces are exhibited in public buildings and in the headquarters of important private companies.

  • Mercedes-Benz – 1992
  • Philip Morris Europe – 1995
  • European Parliament – 2001
  • EON Energie – 2004
  • Tuega – 2006
  • Palazzo Madama – 2008