A beautiful penthouse, white resin, paintings and sculptures, fabulous sea view, a terrace with wooden deck and Jacuzzi. In short, modern but not cold, on the contrary, a home full of personality! Then that white, anonymous wall, right at the back, where a small white wooden table and two chairs became a delicious invitation to romantic dinners on hot summer nights.

Our friend Gianni, while sipping a coffee and admiring the magnificent sunset, came up with an idea that immediately struck us “I saw a vertical garden that is also a bit of a vegetable garden on the website of a specialized company. Why don't you have it made here, which is also near the kitchen?” Great Gianni! Since we have our vegetable garden/garden on the seventh floor it is a joy and a satisfaction to take care of this incredible corner of nature. And how nice to see the wonder in our friends' eyes by taking basil from our flower garden for a simple dish of pasta with tomato sauce, a fresh chili pepper, a sprig of thyme or mint leaves for a tasty iced Mojito!