A large terrace on the ground floor that was never used and the idea of building a hanging garden for a young family with children, a space to play, live outdoors, spend time with friends, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. The hilly landscape of the Marche region with its variety of colors and shapes is fantastic, nobody would ever want to stop admiring it. So the idea of creating a large wood-effect outdoor porcelain tile floor, easy to keep clean, for a large and somewhat noisy and lively family, in harmony with the context, and a synthetic lawn for running and playing barefoot. A beautiful example of bonsai olive tree, for a flowerbed that divides the spaces for different activities, with garden furniture in very natural colors, modern design. The lounge is in the most panoramic part of the terrace, a mini pool where you can have fun and the swing and slide in the middle of the lawn, sun beds for sunbathing during the day.