After spending years traveling around the world for our work, with my wife we decided to settle in this beautiful area of the Marche region, on Monte Conero. Once we had found the area, we had to decide how we were going to build our buen retiro. A classic local stone structure or something different, more innovative? To help us in this choice we turned to the Architects Luca Silenzi and Zoè Chantal, of the Architecture firm SPACELAB . They proposed to us a new integrated system of pre-built, modular, technologically advanced and highly energy efficient architecture. On paper perfect for our needs, fast to make. It might have seemed a gamble, but at the end of the work, I can say that the choice was rewarding. Our house was ready! The outdoor space, according to our taste, had to have no boundaries and everything had to be in harmony with the surrounding environment. The great lover of the garden has always been my wife, I never wanted her to be disappointed. Here too we decided to rely on those who, with their experience and long tradition, could have solved the various problems for us, leaving us the pleasure of enjoying our little paradise overlooking the sea. Dream come true!

  • An articulated staircase in white travertine, laid dry, and all around a beautiful lawn where to let our splendid dog run free. Then flowers, lots of flowers!
  • In order to harmonize the ugly border wall, a real nightmare for us, the landscape architects of Pellegrini Giardini proposed to us a vertical garden. Bingo! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw an incredible expanse of multicolored flowers instead of concrete. Last touch, the bioclimatic pergola we installed at the back of the house. Now we can enjoy our garden with fantastic sea views all year round.

Short video of the construction of the entrance staircase.

"Come nasce un giardino"

Come nasce un #giardino #Pellegrini 🙂

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