Guglielmo Vecchietti Massacci
Guglielmo Vecchietti Masacci

Born in Jesi, he teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna

Guglielmo Vecchietti Massacci was born in Jesi (AN) in 1946. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where he currently teaches Sculpture Techniques. He lived and worked for 40 years in the church of San Colombano in Bologna, a magical place open to the public, where for years he hosted musicians, poets and artists organizing concerts, poetry readings, theater, cultural events, which he had to leave, suffering unspeakable violence, evicted by court order in November 2005. He currently lives in the Marche region, on the first hill above Senigallia, where he has renovated an old farmhouse, now a workshop-house, with a sculpture garden among the olive trees.