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Christmas tree 2018

“We started in 2010 to invent, it has to be said, thethemed Christmas tree. Over these years we went through “the coral tree” using about 12,000 very bright LED lights, “the Pac-Man tree” as a tribute to the 35 years since the birth of the video game that made the history of the genre, to the romantic “flight of seagulls” to “parkour“, to celebrate a sport that is so fashionable among young people. This year we returned to the romantic theme with “The butterflytree , installing 35 luminous giant butterflies handcrafted byus, like all the decorative elements used in recent years. Another absolute novelty is the silhouette of the tree underlined and emphasized with more than 500 meters of an innovative blue neon-LED lights. The artistic and creative process of each work, if this is what we want to call it, is very long, and begins at the end of August with a series of meetings here in the company in search of the right inspiration. Each solution is then verified in a 3D rendering that allows us to make the choice that satisfies us the most. Then, as I said, everything else is the manual labor of our staff. For next year? I don’t know, we’ll think about it after summer vacation!”

Andrea Pellegrini


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