An evening of friendship and reunions, with a vertical garden that becomes the perfect backdrop for a romantic photo booth. We've known each other for 30 years: school year '86-'87, first row, class 1C. She's the best, I'm the one with my head always in the clouds. Both of us were born on the same day, we shared birthdays and beautiful years, first in high school, then in Bologna where she studied medicine, while I ventured on a thousand different paths before finding the right one. So many journeys made together but also so many places where we lived far from each other, until today when we have to count 1,700 kilometers before we can hug each other. But once a year it always happens and it happens on our birthday. This time there were 45 candles on the cake.  

Photo Booth

For the occasion I organized the party in my gazebo recently embellished with a vertical garden made with the aim of making the wall that runs along it less impacting and more pleasant and which has instead become a distinctive element of the whole building in which we live. After preparing buffets and drinks, I decided to set up a small area for the evening’s photo booth right in front of the vertical garden, which proved perfect as a background for the photos thanks to the numerous species that make it up, all different in color, shape and volume. The party was a success. The photos of the evening I put in a small album that I sent to all the guests as a souvenir of the event. The most beautiful shot, however, I framed and hung in the living room: it’s me and her in front of the camera, holding the cake, blowing out the candles and blowing out the distances that never separate us. Read also: Why choose a vertical garden , Vertical garden genesis Discover our other creations Watch the video on our Youtube channel