When the dream of being able to expand the garden by buying the land next to my property came true, I took the chance! But after the initial enthusiasm, I realized there were some problems to solve: – the levels between the two plots are different;the new plot has many trees scattered about it is an area that has been abandoned for a long time. With the design entrusted toprofessionals, we understood that the access to the new garden from my house was possible with a beautiful staircase, large and impressive precisely so as not to diminish this new beautiful space. The differences in height could be compensated for in part with simple earthworks, and for the steepest areas with terraces made with naturalistic engineering techniques, i.e. with retaining walls formed by wooden palisades, beautifully made and of great effect, which blend in with the surrounding environment and can last over time for many years, built quickly and without permits. Once the no longer useful and ruined trees had been cleaned away from the site, the rest was easy to arrange: flowery borders with splendid collector's roses, the famous David Austin with an intoxicating perfume, mixed with perennials such as Lupinus, Delphimium, Allium, Liastris, Astilbe, Salvia, Lantana, Agapanthus with all the shades going from white, yellow, orange, red, violet and pink. We moved the old small vegetable garden somewhere else and, by extending the existing wooden flooring, we created a fantastic living area, with a super elegant dining table, luxurious couches and chairs, a beautiful outdoor TV, all covered by a huge electric canopy that protects us from the sun during the day and from damp at night. The part of the garden terraced and made completely flat we left to orchard. But not a simple orchard, because to get there you have to go through a maze! If you don't get lost, you can hope to eat some fruit. Here an ancient fountain completes this space. Now I'm really satisfied with my garden!   Video -how a garden is born – from design to landscaping >> https://youtu.be/ok9XF-FZtwI