In our villa, where we have a large garden with swimming pool, we celebrated the first screening of Marco's film! Since he was a child we have taken our son Marco to numerous cultural events in and outside our region. Among the many events we have attended, we have always had a particular predilection for the Venice Film Festival, which we went to every year. As he grew up Marco showed a growing curiosity for the world of the seventh art and for all the events that gravitated around it. So after attending an important film school in California, he returned to Italy where he shot his first short film. Last weekend my husband and I organized the screening of his film in our villa, inviting some family friends. The evening took place entirely in our garden. We had it catered by a top restaurant in the area and set the table with the food under the teak gazebo with linen curtains and furnishings.

Of course it was not the first time our friends had come to the villa, being used to the parties we often give, especially in summer. A year ago a couple of dear friends of my husband confided to us that they were very impressed by our garden and in particular by the modern and minimalist design of the pool and the showers in two concrete monoliths. Others instead have praised the plants several times, especially the white giant Agaphantus located near the staircase that descends to the pool, made of Traniwhite marble. The evening went extremely well. Marco briefly presented his work and then projected the film in a special space set up not far from the gazebo. At the end of the screening all our friends applauded and congratulated Marco. He was overjoyed, proud of the result and of overcoming the anxiety of the premiere.

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