In the gentle hills of the Marche region, a building finds new life as a refined and elegant country house. The renovation of the house and the design of the gardens, by Pellegrini, best embody the atmosphere of the surrounding environment. Several areas make up the property: the restaurant is located in the main house, made larger by the veranda, embraced by roses and rosemary, two swimming pools, one outdoor and the other indoor with a spa, from which you can admire the rock garden created with great skill, using huge monoliths and large borders of ground cover and typical Mediterranean shrubs. The main avenues are surrounded by lavender and olive trees. Lush ivy and rivers of wisteria expand and envelop the home itself, drawing plays of color between leaves and stones. Pellegrini has painted a flowery picture of greenery with country plants that create peace and relaxation away from all of our daily frenzy.





The Colombaia (The Dovecote) owes its name to a sort of tower with many small windows that rises from the building. This is an architectural element typical of the Marche countryside (and not only), reminiscent of rural life during feudalism, when farmers did not own the land they cultivated themselves, but could obtain the prestigious right to breed pigeons for the pleasure of hunting them. To keep these birds, the so-called “dovecotes” were built, i.e. Turrets, like the one in this country house, which soon took on the appearance of small fortresses, demonstrating the greatness of those who could afford them .