We decided to renovate the garden when, after finishing our house, we realized that we had planted trees senselessly and randomly. Since we did not have large spaces we relied on professionals to redesign it according to our needs, those of a family with two children. We have created an area where you can have lunch and dinner outdoors during the summer, and another one where we can play and relax with our friends, so the inclusion of a Spa, a mini hot water hydromassage pool to use in all seasons was a fantastic idea!  

Centuries-old olive tree with SPA

The large evergreen hedges protect us from the view of the nearby buildings, because we live in the center of a small town in the Marche region; the plants we have used grow little so as not to risk reducing the useful space of the garden which, thanks to the various blooms, is truly scenic throughout the year. Today from home we admire the two beautiful olive trees, which embrace the Spa area. Along the perimeter at the back, the inclusion of Hydrangeas with beautiful blooms, allowed us to avoid having a lawn, which requires a lot of maintenance. Flowers, many flowers like the Agapanthus, Dietes that accompany us in winter and summer along with the splendid deciduous trees, which in autumn surprise us with their colors.