We renovated the family property, inspired by the beautiful Apulian farms. The architectural design of the building and the garden was conceived as a country residence from which to make the most of the Mediterranean landscape. It is located a few kilometers from the sea and is a wonderful house, where our family retires after intense days of work for well-deserved relaxation. Lime and lightened timber. Pergolas and ancient trees, centuries-old olivetrees, which provide shade and lighten the summer heat. The patio at the back of the house frames a geometric and essential swimming pool ,table, lounges, sunbeds to welcome friends and family on summer evenings. The entrance is reached by a long gravel path, we have enhanced and emphasized it with ancient iron vases, which stand out on the facade plastered with white lime. It is bordered by flowering bushes like Roses, Gaura, Solanum and Rosemary, not only color but also scents. All the trees chosen respect the surrounding environment;: Acacias, Cypresses, Oaks and Olives, Pines. The lawn that accompanies the natural movement of the ground is wide, surrounding the house, a rustic lawn, which still has a high ornamental value, but is easier to care for, where our children and our dog can run around.