Pellegrini Giardini designed all the gardens for the new Rainbow headquarters in Loreto, designed by the architects Sergio Bianchi and Elisabetta Straffi.

A very modern complex, set in the Marche countryside, built into the side of the hill rather than on the hill itself, lifting the building from the ground so as to free the ground and allow a physical and visual continuity of the spaces. The roofs were also designed to blend into the landscape, becoming, each time, terraces, gardens, skylights or supports for photovoltaic panels. The integration with the natural environment has resulted in the use of materials and tones that recall the colors and grain of the earth and wood. The wooden floors continue outside and the gardens penetrate inside.

The new company headquarters of Rainbow in Loreto built with 18 million euro and in 5 years (3 for the construction work alone). The result is a structure of 6 thousand square meters of workspace and canteen, gym, swimming pool, soccer fields. Wood, glass, technology are everywhere, in a factory that doesn't want to burden the environment. The 1,598 photovoltaic panels distributed on the roofs will produce 450 thousand kwh per year, equal to 90% of the energy Rainbow will need to air condition offices and laboratories. For irrigation there are rainwater tanks and for conditioning it relies on 296 spiral geothermal probes. The scenography of the internal and external greenery was entrusted to Pellegrini giardini. (Corriere della sera)