We have always paid special attention to environmental issues by structuring our services in the name of the highest possible eco-sustainability.

Our real, active contribution to the protection of the planet began many years ago with the transformation of pruning plant material into compost, reusing it in our production cycle rather than importing peat from abroad, unnecessarily clogging landfills with leaves and trunks.

NO to Pre-Emergent Herbicides
To control weeds in pots, we have long since abandoned the use of pre-emergent herbicides (mostly produced by a notorious multinational company!).
These weedkillers are poisons that inevitably seep into the groundwater, with easily-imaginable devastating results.

We are now testing, with good results, Miscanthus. This is a graminaceous plant, therefore a 100% natural mulch, which once it has been dried and shredded is very effective against weed regrowth, offering the plant excellent protection.
Miscanthus also:

  • is very stable in the wind,
  • has a strong water retention capacity,
  • limits evaporation during hot periods,
  • naturally decomposes becoming a mineral source.
100% natural mulch