The Vertical Garden is the Solution that gives each of your spaces a Green touch, ensuring Well-being and Coolness.

It is an elegant choice for both the Interiors and Exteriors of Your Home:

  • simple
  • environmentally friendly
  • functional

Vertical Garden: Reduction of Noise Pollution and Superior Air Quality

It is an architectural element that enriches the furnishings and the healthiness of your spaces giving comfort to both body and spirit.
This type of garden is in fact:

  • a natural air filter
  • as well as a green protective barrier against the summer heat and annoying noises

All this allows a considerable Improvement in Thermal Insulation and the consequent Energy Saving.

Patrick Blanc pioneered this technology. It was 1986 when the world saw the first Mur Végétal in history.

Somuch Wellness, so little space
Have you ever thought that you could have a garden or a vegetable garden even where it is not possible?

Well, the impossible becomes possible since this type of garden is ideal for optimizing spaces. It has the characteristic of taking up little space and this makes it a truly functional and practical furnishing solution.

The automatic irrigation and fertilization systems guarantee low maintenance costs and constant plant health monitoring with the possibility of replacing them at any time very easily.

In short, there are many good reasons to choose a Vertical Garden!
We too, for our company, created one in 2008, as our personal and “green” business card.

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Discover the Vertical Garden Made to Measure for You