The expression Garden Landscaping and Design encloses a world of Experience, Aesthetic Taste, Culture.

Once approval has been given for the project created with the technique of “Real 3D garden design”, we’ll move on to the operational stage.

ARRANGING THE LEVELS OF THE LANDSurelyone of the most complex phases, which also includes Naturalistic Engineering work, on the success of which the final result will largely depend. An error at this stage can sometimes be remedied only by demolishing what has been achieved and starting from scratch, almost always at considerable cost. Here, too, the Experience of Construction Sites, Technique and Taste of the Pellegrini Giardini technicians makes the difference!

CREATION OF ARCHITECTURAL STRUCTURESFollowing the arrangement of the land all the superstructures (roads, parking lots, walls and gates, swimming pool, fountains, convivial areas, etc.) previously studied and verified with Real 3D Garden Design are created.

PLANTING THE TREES The large trees are the real green structure of the new garden, like the backdrop of a stage where the color of the flowers, the water featuresand the architectural structures will be enhanced. In the Pellegrini Giardini nurseries there is one of the most important collections in Italy of exemplary trees already in large containers, so that they can be planted at any time of the year with full guarantee of success.

CREATION OF THE FLOWERING HEDGES AND BORDERS Combinations of colors,leaf shape , choice of blooms according to the destination of each individual area of the garden. Nothing can be left to chance to get the spectacle of nature! Performing the work in a Workmanlike Manner is a prerequisite for the garden to last over time.

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