The Design of the Perfect Garden requires careful attention to every stage and every little detail. The goal is to give you your ideal little corner of beauty and wellness.

Garden Design: the stages

InspectionThe most beautiful gardens derive from the careful analysis of a series of elements:

  • the shape and size of the space to be designed,
  • orientation,
  • the type of soil,
  • weather conditions,
  • the views (optical telescopes) to emphasize and those less pleasant to hide,
  • a careful study of native species,
  • materials
  • and typical architecture of the area in search of a perfect integration with the surrounding environment.

BriefingPerhaps the most important aspect of all is to be able to understand the personality, style and desires of those who will live in the future garden. For this reason we devote all the time necessary to discuss architectural solutions, without neglecting the emotional aspects in one or more meetings with clients.

The Briefing stage

Digitized acquisition of the state of the placesThis will be done with the most modern techniques currently available:

  • aerial photography
  • three-dimensional scanning of the area with drone
  • 360° video and photographic capture
The stage of digitized acquisition of the state of the places

All this digitized material will be indispensable for the design stage “in the studio”. First design stepThe synthesis of the study of the material collected and the design idea will be incorporated into a first planimetric map useful also to estimate the budget destined for its creation; after this the specifics of all the technical stylistic details are worked out.

First design step

“Real 3D Garden Design” Planning The project created with the technique of “Real 3d Garden Design” in high definition 4K will give you an extraordinary immersive virtual experience, with the feeling of wandering through the new garden at your home: constructions, stairs, swimming pool accessories. Each garden element in 3D is represented in 1:1 scale and with real materials. The impression of walking among flowers, trees and leaves moved by the wind is absolutely impressive. Moreover, with the “Real 3d Garden Design” you can evaluate the correctness and enjoyability of all the architectural stylistic choices proposed.

"Real 3D garden Design” Planning
  • Graphic maps of the construction details After agreeing with the client the general style of the project, in this stage we go into detail discussing all the technical and stylistic details presented in our Pellegrini Landscaping & Architectural Designing Office:
  • choice of materials,
  • presentation of the graphic designs of the architectural structures,
  • sections
  • and elevations.

Complementary designsHere, as for the other design aspects, technique merges with experience, in search of excellent results. The best technical materials prepared and state-of-the-art technology are what we put in the field daily for our customers:

  1. 1. Fully automated irrigation systemAdequate botanical knowledge and specific experience are essential elements for the design and implementation of an effective and reliable irrigation system for the garden, other than the sanitation and heating one of the house. Today, most of the systems made by Pellegrini Giardini are managed remotely by our technicians, through a data connection, but our customers can also do it, using a free application downloadable on their mobile phones. >> Discover how to make your irrigation system smart <<
  2. 2. Night scenographyThe fascinating study of light is based on very low energy consumption lighting systems produced by a partner company to our specifications>>Discover our line of lighting systems <<
  3. 3. Outdoor Entertainment Systems Sounds for play or relaxation spaces with innovative acoustic systems, also with COR-TEN® effect produced by the company garvan acoustic

4. Integrated security systems The protection of the property but above all of those who live in it starts in the garden, a priority for us.  

Pellegrini Giardini: how a garden is born – Watch the Video!

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