Lawn rolls

Why choose lawn rolls?

The classic sown lawn is less expensive but subject to common and frequent problems, especially in the first few months.…
Mourning in the world of video games

Goodbye Masaya Nakamura

Masaya Nakamura the founder of Namco and creator of the game Pac Man, to whom we paid tribute with the…
Una casa sull'albero
Questions and answers

Tree houses

According to current legislation, you can build a tree house in Italy, and there are a number of examples, both…
News 2019

Trends in the garden for 2019

The trend in recent years sees the garden as a real and proper extension of the living room.Architects and designers…
Natale, Albero, Civitanova Marche Pellegrini
Christmas 2018 the most beautiful tree!

Christmas 2018 "The Butterfly tree "

Christmas tree 2018 “We started in 2010 to invent, it has to be said, thethemed Christmas tree. Over these years…
Tips for saving money

Regenerate your lawn!

Remake or regenerate the lawn? Many people think that for a ruined, yellowed and aged lawn there is no hope…
tubi irrigazione
garden irrigation

Water shortage?

Our company is specialized in the construction of centralized and automatic irrigation systems for parks, gardens, terraces and vertical gardens.They…
Professional maintenance

Pruning the cypress tree

The only form of pruning the 'Cupressus sempervirens' cypress tree is ornamental or aesthetic and is called 'pyramidal pruning'.It is…