The trend in recent years sees the garden as a real and proper extension of the living room.

Architects and designers confirm that the trend in the garden for 2019 will be: the concept of home extends beyond the four-walls. With the new year and spring coming, we rediscover the outdoor spaces of our home. Terrace, garden, balcony it’s time to make it cozy and functional, following the latest trends in Garden Design 2019. The exterior enhanced by a careful garden design, is certainly something to be proud of at our home as well as having many advantages and benefits including:

  • It takesaway the stress-walking in your garden, having an outdoor space where you can read a book, creates a dimension of total tranquility
  • It leads to moments of sharing – lunch or dinner in the open air, with guests or simply with your family
  • It encourages healthy eating – even taking care of a vegetable garden in our garden or terrace becomes stimulating.
  • It increases the value of the house: a well-kept garden, enhanced with elegant and functional products, will be the perfect business card for our home, increasing its value in both aesthetic and economic terms.

The watchword “conviviality” and COLOR!!

When landscaping gardens in 2019, the following are of fundamental importance

  • giant flowers,
  • fantastic colors with roses of all types and scents,
  • fragrances to fully enjoy every green corner.

Full and bright colors will be the latest fashion in both clothing and home décor. Positivetones, fun and optimism are a must! For 2019, the Pantone Living Coral color will represent the essence of modern life. It is a reassuring color that manifests itself in the nature around us and at the same time has a lively presence on social media. Solid colors are suitable for everything: flowerbeds, fences and walls, but also containers to be combined in different material shapes and sizes.


Conviviality? How to create these magical moments of well-being experienced together with other people.

There is nothing more beautiful than an outdoor dinner, a place where you can have breakfast in the morning before immersing yourself in everyday life. Then in the evening a nice summer bonfire; especially in 2019 fire is one of the fundamental elements of Nature and continues and will continue to exert its fascination on people, which is why designers continue to include it in their idea of outdoor life. >> Have you ever thought about a Biodesign Natural Pool?

Don’t limit yourself to living the garden only in summer, landscaping the garden means, in addition to shaded areas with pergolas, canopies, also outdoor heating to be able to live any outdoor space even on less hot days.


Vertical gardens and green roofs

Livening up a garden with vertical installations is a trend that will continue in 2019. It is an ideal system to modernize environments (not only gardens), especially when the space to be exploited is small.


It 's already time to think about renovating the garden balcony or terrace

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