Choosing a Natural Swimming Pool in Biodesign means giving you a little corner of paradise, a space of wellness and relaxation in the garden of your home, a personal spa perfectly environmentally friendly and with zero environmental impact. In fact, the swimming pool integrates perfectly with any type of environment and in winter it is transformed into a highly evocative decorative element taking on the appearance of a natural lake. Building the perfect pool with our Mylago technology requires 5 steps. Let’s look at them in detail.

STEP 1: Natural pool design

In the design stage to create effects of integration with the coating material, while drawing natural inlets on the bottom of the pool, it is ideal to consider the insertion of expansion joints to give natural color effects to the body of water. The submerged monoliths serve as both furnishing elements and submerged seating and comfortable side arm rests.

Biodesign natural swimming pool

Natural color effects of the body of water

STEP 2: Excavation modeling

During the excavation we proceed to create the shape of the bathing lake with all its different depths, including beaches and underwater seating, which will then be finished by hand.

biodesign swimming pool excavation


STEP 3: Laying the protective geotextile fabric

After the positioning of all the nozzles necessary for the correct operation of the systems, the excavation is covered with a protective sheet in geotextile material in order to protect the EPDM waterproofing sheet from any damage from sharp stones or roots.

biodesign natural pool

Protective geotextile fabric

STEP 4: laying the waterproofing sheet

An EPDM waterproofing sheet is spread on top of the geotextile fabric. Its high elasticity makes it possible to support any movement of the ground without suffering damage and avoiding any water loss. In this phase all the nozzles and skimmers of the recycling plant are flanged.

biodesign natural pool

EPDM waterproofing sheet

STEP 5: Laying the coating layer

Finally, the layers of resin-coated stone are laid to consolidate the structure on top of the EPDM sheet.

biodesign natural pool

Laying of the resin-coated stone layers

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