Do you have any idea how to start designing your garden? Probably not, and that's normal. The landscape architects of Pellegrini Giardini reveal some of their secrets in this article. Take notes, they will help you to start imagining your perfect garden, the garden of your dreams!

The 5 questions you need to ask yourself to get started

To find useful answers you have to start with useful questions. There are 5 fundamental questions to answer in order to approach the project correctly and make the most appropriate choices:

  • What are the visual focus points you want to highlight? (both from the inside out and looking in from the outside)
  • What are the less beautiful elements you want to de-emphasize or even hide from view?
  • What's the inside of your house like? How can you make the inside and the outside fit together perfectly?
  • How will the living spaces in your garden be organized? What about the walkways?
  • What are the plants, bushes and flowers that grow luxuriantly in your area that you like and would like to reuse in your garden?

Maybe you could be inspired by the green trends for 2019!

Objective: harmony and naturalness of the garden

The main objective of a landscape project is to achieve a high level of harmony and naturalness in order to make the elements perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment, avoiding the risk of annoying artificial effects. The house must exude the feeling of having been there forever, and this is even more true for its garden! how to design a garden  

Where to start with the work

It's the classic question of any project: where do I start? Pellegrini Giardini's landscapers advise you to start from the back of the house and work forward, towards the front gate. This way if you use large trees or heavy equipment, you won't have them clogging up the entrance and driveway for a long period of time.

Which plants to choose for your garden?

You must be very careful when using exotic or non-native plants. First of all, if the choice is not well made, you risk not seeing them alive again after a harsh winter. In addition, invasive species could be chosen, thus creating serious environmental damage. Do a simple but accurate search: spend your money on plants native to your region. Take a tour around the gardens in your area and if you see a lush plant you can be sure it won't have any problems in your new garden too! Take a look at our nursery!          

Look after every detail

Small details make all the difference! The attention to detail can take your garden from good to exceptional! Choose interesting bloom combinations by analyzing not only the colors, but also the shape of the foliage and the contrasting posture. Create borders well separated from the lawn and covered with pine mulch. The latter will give a clean look, the colors will stand out and the weeds will remain under control. These are the little secrets that guarantee a great result. For everything else there are the landscape architects of Pellegrini Giardini. Discover also 3D garden design!

Tell us about your Ideal Garden. Our team will give shape to your wishes!