The Chelsea Flower Show, hosted in the Royal Hospital Chelsea Park, is the most prestigious gardening event in the world and we were there to gather as many ideas as possible. The Chelsea Flower Show is the highest example of contemporary landscape design.  Every year it rewards the best project in the show (Best Show Garden Award) There are also over 500 exhibitors of products related to furniture and green technology. At the center of it all is the Great Pavilion (with an area of about three hectares), where diehard plant growers compete presenting new crossbreeds and wonderful floral installations with very rare plants and flowers. In our opinion, the most beautiful garden was “LG Eco-City Garden” because it is a small space but wisely divided and set up with trees, vertical gardens, fountains, pavilions … we can find the essence of the meaning of “outdoor” living.

“Characterized by a recessed central lounge and color-coordinated seedlings, this garden has a modern, simple and attractive layout. The LG Eco-City garden represents the green space assigned to a residential unit in a “vertical forest” of residential apartments. It combines our increased dependence on technology with an obligation to be aware of the environmental issues we face as a result of our contemporary lifestyles. It also highlights the objective of reducing pollution, particularly in densely populated areas. Each family has a large terrace accessible from the kitchen and designed to let in natural light. Plants and trees play a role in the seasonal control of oxygen production, humidity control, temperature moderation and carbon dioxide reduction, while running water provides a filter for noise pollution. The garden is both self-sufficient and energy efficient. LED lighting that creates the perfect conditions to help vegetables and herbs grow. LG describes the garden as a “visionary model for a sustainable future, where a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle offers opportunities to become more self-sufficient”.