The Christmas Tree 2017 by Pellegrini Giardini, is inspired by Parkour. Completely designed and manufactured by us in collaboration with local craftsmen: Rutili and Antolloni. The video with the drone shows the path created this year, which progresses from the side of the structure, starting with the new Pellegrini Giardini sign, from where a Parkour character called a “tracer” performs a series of “vaults” until he descends from the tree completing his path with Santa’s hat in his hand. The images of our drone are evocative, capturing all the special features of the system that requires of us so much energy every year. We chose this theme because we like the aim of this sport which is to develop, especially in young people and children, a healthy respect for the environment and critical self-research. In fact, the expert “tracer” with his “vaults” exploits his physical abilities and the surrounding environment by breaking down architectural barriers to complete the path … just like our character!