A story spanning more than fifty years told in 3 minutes. Under our logo you can read “garden designers since 1966”. My father, Renato Pellegrini, at the time had the intuition to transform the family business, founded by my grandfather, which was mainly concerned with fruit trees, into something that was innovative in those years: a company dedicated to landscaping, that is to say the creation of gardens. Pellegrini Giardini is my family, literally: my father, Renato, is the founder, Sabina, my sister, who is in charge of the garden design and Leonardo, my son, who is in charge of the work sites and biodesign pools. As you can see, Pellegrini Giardini is the classic Italian family business. And we're very proud of that! From there comes Pellegrini Giardini, a company structured to create gardens on a national level and to create innovative projects on an international level, where each garden tells its own unique story!

Why is the Pellegrini Giardini approach a winning one?

Because we're structured to have all the right people in the right place. And all within our company. In the Pellegrini Giardini group we have at our disposal:

For some time, we have madebiodesign swimming pools, available to our customers. These are fantastic pools, where not even a gram of reinforced concrete is used, 100% biological, environmentally friendly, wonderful.

>> Why choose the Biodesign Natural Pool? <<

  Biodesign natural swimming pools are only the latest of the innovations we offer our customers, obviously after having studied their reliability, efficiency and environmental compatibility: green roofs, vertical gardens, fully drained driveways are just a few examples. With Pellegrini Gallery, moreover, we want to bring art, sculpture, back to the center of garden landscaping and design, as a central element of the garden, a natural context of art and beauty. We are certain that art is an integral part of an elegant and refined garden.” Pellegrini Giardini, the art of creating gardens.

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