Garden Landscaping and Design is structured work that blends technique, art and on-site experience. INSTALLATION OF THE COMPLEMENTARY SYSTEMSThe fully automated irrigation system, designed thanks to specifictechnical-botanicalknowledge, is created with particular attention to all details:

  • high-quality piping
  • ultra-reliable static and dynamic sprinklers
  • electronic programmer managed both locally and remotely by Pellegrini Giardini Systems technicians

At the same time, the lighting systems for the night scenery, verified live during night tests, theOutdoor Entertainment System for a unique musical experience, and sophisticated integrated security systems are also put in place. Because protecting property but, above all, of those who live there, begins in the garden. CREATION OF THE GRASS SURFACE AND FINISHINGA beautiful lawn is a fundamental condition for enhancing the garden in its play of colors and shapes. Whether it is sown or laid pre-planted “in rolls”, the soil needs very careful preparation. Corten flower borders will delimit the space reserved for flowering borders, protected from weeds thanks to the mulching on the ground made with large flakes of conifer bark. POST-LANDSCAPING MAINTENANCEMaintenance is not reduced to simply mowing the grass and pruning trees and bushes, but requires continuous and thorough work so that the garden is always at its best, in every season. Here too, the background of technical knowledge is fundamental for achieving the best possible result. The division of Pellegrini Giardini called AGRIPE has specialized personnel, aerial platforms for pruning at heights up to 40 meters, maintenance equipment (lawnmowers, chainsaws, secateurs, etc.) electrically-powered to respect the tranquility of those who live in the house. Watch the Video “How to Create Your Ideal Garden [PART 2]” >> See also “Garden Design: How to Create Your Ideal Garden [PART 1]” <<