Hi, I’m Andrea Pellegrini. I’m at Villa Olivo, a beautiful relais, one of our latest achievements. Villa Olivo is a small pearl nestled in the beautiful setting of nature in the Marche region.

I would like to share with you the story of this project of ours to tell you the work we have done and that now the guests of the Villa can enjoy in total tranquility.

3D design Hard, but very interesting work, passing through a 3D design. Like all companies, for many years we used the classic design process, printing the plans.

3D Garden Design helps us today to verify, together with the customer, step by step, the most suitable design and architectural choices. A technique that certainly proves to be an indispensable support to the imagination, allowing us, for example, to establish with precision the various visual focal points, i.e. elements to be taken into account and emphasized and those to be hidden, perhaps with flowers. In some passages of the video, we find ourselves virtually projected into the past, when Villa Olivo was just a construction site. A narrative expedient that allows us to appreciate in depth the work done to make this wonderful estate shine in the hills of the Marche region. A Tailor-made Garden Design Every garden is a unique creature for us and we treat it as such. Also for Villa Olivo everything was designed and made to measure. There is nothing standard or conventional!

✅ Plants, ✅ Flowers, ✅ Lawn, everything was carefully selected to best meet the specific needs and tastes of the owners.

More than a garden To create something like Villa Olivo, for us, is not a simple job for its own sake, but rather means taking on the burden and honor of improving the area, giving it a space of beauty and hospitality to be proud of. Guests from all over the world who will visit Villa Olivo will appreciate what Italians can do: the architect, the geologist, all the technicians who have worked on this structure, are key players with whom we haveworked in close synergy.

TheTrue ArtistsThe true artists are those who get their hands dirty, they are our young people, our collaborators, qualified and highly professional people, people who have been with us for a lifetime, often young people who come to learn and carry on the tradition of Pellegrini Giardini. See, they are the ones who built all this, the ones who get their hands dirty are the true artists! A Garden a living creature! And every garden tells its own story. Our work doesn’t end with the delivery to the customer, but lasts over time: a relationship that we tend to cultivate over the years, taking care of the maintenance of the garden, returning every now and then to make sure everything is in order. This is very important to us! WATCHthe VIDEO then, if you are curious to discover Villa Olivo and our other creations, come and visit us in the company, or contact us for a chat and a first discussion. We look forward to seeing you!

Tell us about your Ideal Garden. Our team will give shape to your wishes!